Looking at temporal change with Sentinel-2 in Python

The Sentinel data are, among others, excellent for monitoring temporal change. Here, we look at an output from creating false colour vegetation RGB (Red, Green, Blue) composites of an area (covering Gardermoen airport outside Oslo) in Python for looking at the temporal change in vegetation. The Python script is available on the following github gist and can be run directly since it reads the data using OPeNDAP here.

Regarding search for products in colhub.met.no

Some users are experiencing getting no results when applying searches with filters in colhub.met.no. If you get no results, try to do the search over again just by clicking the search button. It often works after two-three attempts.

It seems like the problem is related to a timeout in the software we are using. We are looking into the problem. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Sentinel-3 data in colhub.met.no


Sentinel-3 L1 OLCI covering parts of the Norwegian coast 28.07.2018

We are now synchronizing lots of Sentinel-3 ESA products e.g. Level-1/Level-2 OLCI, SLSTR and altimetry. In addition, we also now get Sentinel-3 Level-2 Marine/Ocean products processed by EUMETSAT. Have a look at colhub.met.no for you favored products!