Unplanned ESA Infrastructure Maintenance affecting Sentinels Data Distribution on 26 September 2017

An unplanned maintenance of the Sentinels data distribution infrastructure has been required starting 26 September 11:49 UTC, resulting in a downtime of the Data Hub Services associated to:
Open Access Hub (including API Hub, S-2B and S-3A PreOps services)
Collaborative Data Hub Node 1
Copernicus Services Data Hub

Return to nominal Sentinel-2B data production

Referring to the news published on 25 September, users are informed that the ground segment anomaly has been solved and nominal Sentinel-2B production has resumed today, 26 September.

The recovery of Sentinel-2B products missing between 22 and 26 September has already started and is expected to be completed in about 8 days. The products will become available in the data hubs as soon as the maintenance period is over.