What is the difference between the NetCDF and SAFE files?


The SAFE are the data originally disseminated by the European Space Agency. The SAFE format is basically a ZIP file with a collection of XML and other files. Within the SAFE file, the spectral bands are presented in the native spatial resolution of the satellite sensor. On the other hand, in the NetCDF files all bands are interpolated to the spatial resolution of the band with the highest resolution. This provides and image stack that is easy to use in processing.

Where can I find information on the SAFE format?


SAFE is a format developed by the European Space Agency for "archiving and conveying Earth observation data within the European Space Agency (ESA) archiving facilities and, potentially, within the archiving facilities of cooperating agencies.". Further information on the SAFE format is available at http://earth.esa.int/SAFE/.

Status of interfaces

All users can register and use the colhub.met.no interface. The NBS interface (integrated in this website) is being prepared for test users. Following a test phase, all users can register and use this as well. When will be announced later. As of now, users not within the test user group defined by the Norwegian Space Centre will not be approved.

Status of data availability

Currently  the colhub.met.no interface contains Sentinel-1, 2 and 3 data in SAFE format. The NBS search contains so far only Sentinel-2 which is served in NetCDF and SAFE format. For Sentinel-2 the NBS interface is more or less up to date. However, there are some issues with older products served as NetCDF due to a change in the product encoding. More details will be provided.