Degraded Sentinel-1 products geolocation accuracy


Please note that the Sentinel-1 products acquired within the following sensing times for Sentinel-1A and Sentinel-1B present a degraded geolocation accuracy:

  • Sentinel-1A: 2017/09/06 18:57:47 UTC - 2017/09/07 08:07:45 UTC
  • Sentinel-1B: 2017/09/06 18:07:43 UTC - 2017/09/07 07:17:41 UTC

Detailed information is available in the corresponding quality disclaimers:

Return to nominal Sentinel-2 data availability

With reference to the news published on 30 August, users are here informed that since 05 September morning, Sentinel-2A/2B products are again nominally available in the data hubs.

The recovery of the Sentinel-2A/2B products missing in specific time windows since 1 August (see corresponding news) will start as soon as possible. Users will be kept informed of the progress.